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Marking Services, Inc. offers AIM technology delivering on-demand, 24/7 access to critical asset information. 

AIM mobile technology integrates asset identification with mobile technology empowering your personnel to access critical information to make good, safe decisions in the field.

Key Benefits of AIM Mobile Technology

AIM Technology is your gateway to accessing information on demand.

No More Binders

One Click Access

Easy Access on Mobile

AIM Technology does away with the need to sort through binders by organizing  operational information in one reliable place.

Once QR coded identification is installed, you have immediate access to critical operational information.

Simply scan the tag for instant access to the asset information with your Android or Apple device.

How does AIM Technology work?

Utilizing a mobile device with AIM installed, your crew scans the QR code on the in-place tag to access materials pertaining to that targeted area. They are immediately taken to the asset home page to view information associated to that asset. 

The desired PDF files are opened with one click for instant information. You determine the accessible data, which may include P&IDs, O&M Manuals, Operating and Maintenance Procedures, Mechanical Details, or Technical Specifications.

Marking Services creates AIM Technology ready QR coded asset identification tags and signs.

How do I get started?

MSI makes it easy to get started with AIM.

- Simply populate the AIM template with asset information and associated files and submit to MSI.

- We’ll establish the asset database and link the QR coded identification to your critical documents.

- Once materials are installed, your team has immediate access to intelligent asset identification on their mobile device. On-demand, in the field, 24/7

Why AIM Mobile Technology?

AIM Mobile Technology empowers your personnel to access critical information to make good, safe decisions supporting your teams ability to efficiently and safely complete their responsibilities. Ultimately delivering accurate safety, operational and maintenance information for hazard reduction, employee training and error prevention.

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